Want to learn more about Metal Clay?  Watch this video to get a taste of what working with PMC is all about.  If you want more, scroll down for information on classes.

I offer introductory, intermediate and advanced-level classes at my home studio in Asheville, North Carolina. One and two day classes are available and are small (no more than four students at a time).  
Learn to work with Metal Clay and be introduced to the techniques of rolling, texturing, piercing, stone setting, inlaid wire, bail making, sanding, firing, patinas, and polishing. (Not all techniques are offered in each class.)

Please email me if you are interested in any of these classes. Intermediate classes are open to those who have taken an intro class, have previous PMC experience or at instructors discretion.

amy (at) amybrandenburg (dot) com 

Currently scheduled:

November 9th 10-5 or November 10th 10-5

***New weekday class November 11th 10-5

Introduction to PMC

This one-day workshop will teach you a variety of basic techniques that will enable you to make your own one-of-a-kind silver creation. Learn to create fine silver metal clay pieces utilizing the techniques of cutting, forming, texturing, bail making, drilling, firing, polishing and adding a patina. At the completion of the workshop, you will have two or more completed pieces to take home with you. Tool kits and metal clay will be provided, just bring your imagination! 

Class Fee: $95 Materials Fee: $60 (includes tool kit and 15g pack of PMC3)


Intermediate PMC Classes:

Open to students who have taken my Intro class or have worked with PMC previously and can show some proficiency.   

Photo Polymer Plates and PMC:

Next Scheduled for November 16-17th 10-5 Sat and 10-? Sun

A chance to make your own designs or inspirations into a crisp stamp that you can then use in Metal clay. These stamps can be used for a long time and will become part of your metal clay repertoire. There is some homework associated with this class: an image from you that you hand draw, design on the computer or that is copyright free. Send in the image as soon as possible, but at least by the Monday before the class, so we can send them to the printers to have them printed on transparency. Images that work best are graphic with bold lines. Anything with too fine a line will be much harder to achieve. So find that image or idea that you have always wanted to make into a piece of jewelry and send it to me. This is a two day class and plate making materials will be provided. We will spend the first half day making our stamp and the second half creating our piece from PMC with our new stamp. The second day we will finish and fire the piece and it will be ready to go by the end of class. Class will run a full day on Saturday from 10-5 and possibly a full day on Sunday, but we may be finished earlier, starting at 10am and ending no later than 5pm.

Class Fee: $200  Materials Fee: $20

At least 15 grams of PMC3 is recommended for this workshop.  Clay may be purchased in advance or in class. Please bring your own tools or you may purchase or borrow a tool kit at the class. Previous experience working with metal clay is very helpful.


Stone Settings in PMC: 

Next Scheduled for : November 23rd and 24th

This two-day workshop will teach you to set both a non-fire-able cabochon and small fire-able faceted stones in a silver metal clay pendant or earrings to be designed and created by the student. We will make 1-2 pieces using PMC3 and PMC flex. Cabochons (of any variety) must be provided by the student. We will create a setting for your cabochon using PMC Flex and after it is fired we can set the stone in place. PMC Flex is great for creating bezels for stones, once it is air dried it remains flexible and can be bent around your stone without cracking. Cabochons can also be set using bezel wire and we will discuss this and other alternate methods. Fire-able faceted stones will be set them using a flush setting method or a bezel setting. Faceted stones may be provided by the teacher or the student. Please make sure they are fire-able stones. If you have questions about which stones can be fired please let me know. Clay and tools can be provided upon request. 

Class Fee: $210 Materials Fee: $20

Bring your own PMC clay or it will be available at the current rate. 


Introduction to Bronze and Copper Clay:

This introduction to base metal clays will help you to understand the joys and pitfalls of this type of clay. Base metal clays are similar to use in the clay stage but harder to get successful pieces out of once they are fired. Much more affordable in cost that is sometimes balanced out by firing failures. This class will address the many types of base metal clays available, testing practices for how to learn to use your kiln and the different types of containers and carbons available. We will be using Metal Adventures BRONZ Clay and COPPR Clay. At least one piece in bronze and one in copper will be completed by the end of class (if all goes well). Please be aware of possible issues during firing. Firing times are around 4 ½ hours for Copper and 3 ½ for Bronze so firings will happen overnight between class days. Separate tools are recommended for silver clay and bronze and copper clay. You are welcome to bring any tools you may have, or you can purchase or borrow a tool kit from me. Tools previously used for silver clay may be washed for use in base metals and bronze and copper do not need separate tools. Like all my classes, I teach the techniques that I use and that work best for me. I encourage experimentation in the use of many types of clay, carbon and containers outside of class.

Class Fee: $210 Materials Fee: $10 unless clay or tools need to be purchased.

30 g of COPPR and 30 g of BRONZ clay is recommended for this workshop.  Clay may be purchased in advance or in class. Previous experience working with metal clay is very helpful.


Enameling on Metal Clay

Add color to your metal clay creations with glass enamel. We will create a silver metal clay piece with a recessed design that can be enameled using the champlevé technique. Similar to cloisonné but without having to add wires, we will fill in crevasses we create in our pieces with powdered glass and then fire. This will be a two day class. The first day we will design and create our piece, firing overnight, and the second day we will add the enamel and fire and finish our pieces. The class will begin at 10am on the first day and end at 5pm. The second day will begin at 10am and will conclude when our pieces are finished. Leaded enamels will be used so safety measures will be addressed.

Class Fee: $200 Materials Fee: $20

At least 15 grams of PMC3 is recommended for this workshop.  Clay may be purchased in advance or in class. Please bring your own tools or you may purchase or borrow a tool kit at the class. Previous experience working with metal clay is very helpful.


Also Available:

Individual classes: Scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Can be structured around the interest of the student. Bring ideas and initiative and we will make as many pieces as time will allow. Materials fee will cover one package of PMC clay and a tool kit if needed.

Class Fee: $115 Materials Fee: $60 if needed