Tree of Life Pendant Bronze

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Your core beliefs at the roots, your mind and body as the trunk and your wisdom as the leaves. This representation of a large oak tree reminds me of my home and our many oak trees. Each morning I look out my kitchen window and I am greeted by the graceful majesty of the oak tree across the way. In the spring when the squirrels chewed off the young branches I found a tiny oak leaf, made a mold of it and that is what I include on the back of each piece. They are each individually handcrafted and vary slightly from piece to piece. The bronze tree pendant is presented on an 18" bronze plated chain. This piece measures 1 1/8" in diameter and 1 1/2" from bail to bottom. 

*Chains may be requested in different sizes like 16", 20" or 24". Please request the size in the order note when you get to the cart, or email your request. Style of chain may vary from what is pictured.